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Rent a Boiler

    Did you know that delaying an upgrade from a low to high efficiency boiler is the equivalent of having a hole in your wall every time you heat your home?

We at SpeedyHome understand that every home has different heating requirements. Let us assist you in choosing the best boiler for your home considering all the factors.

Our Energy Management Consultants will come to your home to complete a thorough home assessment and detailed heat loss calculation to see what boiler size is best suited for your home and discuss feasible rental or purchase options.

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Signs You May Need A New Boiler

While the average lifespan of a boiler is about 15-20 years, it’s important be aware of the replacement warning signs before it’s too late.


Telltale signs that your boiler might need replacing:

  1. Your equipment needs frequent repairs and your energy bills are going up.

  2. Some rooms in your home are too hot or too cold. This is a sign that heat is not being evenly distributed and your equipment is not working as efficiently as it should.

  3. Your boiler is creating excessive noise.

  4. Moving from a low to a high-efficiency boiler.

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How to Choose the Right Boiler

Let’s be honest. Nobody wants to replace something that’s not broken..even if it is old, right? Although that may be true, your boiler may not be working as efficiently as it should and keeping it could ultimately cost you more money in the long run.


Things to consider when choosing a new boiler:

System Type - Boilers supply heat to your home either through hot water or steam.

Fuel Type - Common fuel types include oil, natural gas, propane, electricity or wood. Consider what you will need to fuel your boiler.

Boiler Size - Bigger isn’t always better. The size of a boiler will determine how well it produces heat/hot water. Improper sizing of your boiler can make your unit run less efficiently and wear out prematurely. To identify your sizing needs, our EMCs will perform a detailed heat loss calculation to determine your best options. Combi boilers are a great space saving option because of their compact size.

Venting Method - Gas and oil-powered units are especially dependent on a home’s ventilation system. Chimney vented boilers vent exhaust naturally through a chimney whereas power vent and direct vent boilers use fans to push exhaust through vent pipes and can be vented through a roof or a side wall. Condensing boilers are among the most efficient and are excellent options when considering long term cost.

Efficiency - A boiler’s efficiency rating is dependent on how much fuel is wasted and how much fuel is used to produce a specific amount of heat. This is measured by something called the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency Rating (A.F.U.E.).  Boilers with an A.F.U.E. rating of 85% or higher are considered to be high efficiency. Boilers with an ENERGY STAR® label are tested to meet strict efficiency specifications and are certified by an independent third party. They perform the same as or better than standard products without compromising performance in any way.**


Types of Boilers: 

1. Conventional Boiler

What it does: 

  • Provides heat throughout home

Key features: 

  • Heats your central heating system directly

  • Hot water can be stored for later use


  • Ideal for larger homes that have more than one bathroom

  • Heats on demand

  • Provides basic heating

2. System Boiler

What it does:

  • Provides heat throughout home

Key features:

  • Heats your central heating system directly but has more components built in making for easier installation

  • Can be stored in smaller space

  • Provides improved efficiency


  • Ideal for homes that have more than one bathroom

  • Quick response time uses less energy and saves more money

  • Provides basic heating

3. Combination Boiler

What it does:

  • Provides heat throughout home as well as hot water supply

Key features:

  • Heats water as you need it and eliminates the need for a storage tank 

  • Acts as both a high-efficiency water heater as well as a central heating boiler and can be stored in smaller space

  • Can provide in floor heating in multiple zones

  • Best efficiency


  • Ideal for home with 1-2 people or a smaller home with one bathroom

  • Smaller space required for installation

  • Frees up chimney

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  • Industry-leading installation guarantees***

  • Zero up-front costs***

  • Zero parts and labour charge for all repairs***


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