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Pure, on demand

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Reverse Osmosis

     A reverse osmosis water filter from SpeedyHome is a convenient and economical way to improve the purity and taste of your drinking water. The four-stage filtration process can help eliminate a variety of common contaminants so you can enjoy cleaner, clearer and refreshing water for all your drinking and cooking needs.

How does it work?
1.) Sediment Filter: Screens out sediments & particulates as small as 5 microns.
2.) Reverse Osmosis Filters: Removes dissolved substances as small as 5 microns
3.) Carbon Filter: Removes elements such as chlorine and chemicals that cause water to taste and smell unpleasant.
4.) Polishing Carbon Filter: Removes many remaining chemicals to purify your water

What are the benefits?

  •  Removes sediments, minerals and chemicals that can cause unclear and unpleasant tasting water.

  •  Filter replacements are simple, easy and sanitary.

  •  Free filters included with your rental and conveniently shipped to your door.


Considering a Reverse Osmosis Filter for purer, better tasting drinking water?
Contact us at 1-877-455-4321 24/7 to book a free in home consultation.

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