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Heating Maintenance Plan


Regular maintenance can save

more than money

An improperly maintained furnace can break down unexpectedly and cost you money and time. Tune-ups can help identify potential problems before they become costly breakdowns, while rising energy costs make efficiency more important every day.

But most of all, furnace maintenance is important in protecting your health and safety.

Before we leave your home, we'll ensure your furnace is operating as safely and efficiently as possible.


Our checks and adjustments can help

  • Keep your family safe by detecting carbon monoxide leaks

  • Reduce your monthly heating bills

  • Help prevent a middle-of-the-night furnace breakdown


We start with 8 diagnostic checks

  • Check operating pressures

  • Check operation of condensation system

  • Safety test for carbon monoxide (CO)

  • Check temperatures across air handler

  • Inspect for hazardous debris in the chimney flue

  • Check unit is operating to manufacturer’s specifications

  • Check fan belt and perform required adjustments

  • Test unit by putting it through a full operation cycle

If any of these checks indicate a concern, we will perform up to a 22-point safety check to help ensure that your equipment is operating safely and efficiently before we leave your home.


Our up to a 22-point safety check will help to

  • Detect hazardous carbon monoxide

  • Improve indoor air quality

  • Prolong the lifespan of your equipment

  • Ensure your furnace is running to manufacturer's specifications

  • Reduce the hassle of unexpected and inconvenient breakdowns

With over 700 licensed technicians performing over 600,000 maintenance and service calls every year, we’re experienced and know what needs to get done to ensure your furnace’s safe operation.


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