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Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air Conditioner

Maintenance & Protection Plan



We’ll inspect your air conditioner for hazardous debris, refrigerant leak, elevated carbon monoxide levels, and more. Specifically, we’ll perform:

8 diagnostic checks

  • Check and record carbon monoxide (CO) levels

  • Check temperatures across air handler

  • Check temperatures/air flow across condenser coil

  • Check current draw on condenser motor and compressor

  • Test operation of condensation system and evaporator coil

  • Test unit by putting it through a full operation cycle

  • Clean outdoor condenser unit

  • Clean evaporator coil drain line

If any of these checks indicate a concern, we will perform up to a 21-point safety check to help ensure that your equipment is operating safely and efficiently before we leave your home.

Our up to a 21-point safety check will help to

  • Detect hazardous carbon monoxide

  • Improve indoor air quality

  • Prolong the lifespan of your equipment

  • Ensure your air conditioner is running to manufacturer's specifications

  • Reduce the hassle of unexpected and inconvenient breakdowns

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