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About SpeedyHome
Speedy Home Services Inc. (“SpeedyHome”) is headquartered in Toronto,
Ontario, Canada. Proudly Canadian, we serve hundreds of customers everyday across
all of Southern Ontario. Our goal is simple; to constantly improve home comfort while
reducing our environmental footprint.

Since its inception, SpeedyHome has worked closely with several organizations
to reduce carbon emissions and ultimately work towards global sustainability; taking
advantage of opportunities to improve energy efficiency beyond individual buildings and
houses, encompassing whole communities.

Our belief is that we must take holistic approach towards energy efficiency and
that our commitment towards the advancement of renewable technologies is an
essential part of global sustainability. From implementing energy efficient upgrades in
your home, to community events that encourage walking, cycling and use of public
transit – SpeedyHome is committed to your comfort, and to your planet.

Equally as important, our intent goes beyond increased energy efficiency and
reduced carbon emissions to include a better quality of life for citizens through improved
air and water quality, local economic stimulation, and reduced exposure to fluctuations
in energy prices – building up communities to serve our needs for today and years into
our future.

As a leading provider of water heaters, water treatment, furnaces, air
conditioners and other HVAC related products, SpeedyHome keeps thousands of
customers comfortable every day. It’s what we do, and it’s what we are good at.

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